Saturday, September 13, 2008


Our Cyclones outplayed the athletes from Iowa City, yet came away looking like they weren't even close.

Clearly, ISU has the same Red Zone issues that has plagued them since Seneca left for Seattle. New unis, same old ghosts. SUI only had three trips into the Red Zone, and they got points on all three. ISU? 6 trips, one FG. Each failure had less to do with what SUI did, and more in how ISU failed.

The good news is that our defense has arrived, and will keep us in most games. When you hold a team to 52 offensive plays, and 4.7 YPP, you are doing something right.

At least the safety covered the spread. I could hear thousands of fat, drunk, degenerate SUI fans screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" at their TV. Today wasn't a total waste- SUI fan lost the rent.

But since this was a game that SUI is always supposed to win, it doesn't matter much, no?

Get in the end zone in Vegas, and we're 3-1 to start the B12 slate.


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