Thursday, July 27, 2006

Beano lives!

Imagine my surprise to see ESPN News defrost Beano Cook from the cryogenic freezer in July to talk about not just the SEC, but Barry Bonds and Penn State Women's Basketball.

Is he really so expensive to preserve that you have to get six month's work out of him to justify the cost? Did the timer on the liquid nitrogen bath kick off three weeks early? I didn't expect him until August 15th at the earliest.

Hearing Beano talk about more than Notre Dame and Michigan was refreshing, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that he had an opinion on women's basketball. If you were placing bets on which male ESPN talent would be the first to have an opinion on women's college basketball, Beano would have easily been a 500:1 shot, at the minimum.

If only I had called that British bookie yesterday.


Back in the 515

The long part of my summer has passed, most of it spent out of state.

It gets hot everywhere, unfortunately.

I return to the CSJ compound to discover that JP has sold skyboxes in Jack and Hilton that not only don't exist yet, but are little more than an architect's sketch.

JP must be an even better salesman and closer than any of us expected. Wow.

Now if he can convince the football team to play as if they are using B12 trophies as doorstops instead of wishing to have just one.......