Thursday, July 21, 2011


Lest we forget, Cyclone football can't get relevant fast enough.

The next conference shake up won't be kind to Iowa State if 4-8 is still the norm. If we want to be invited to the future SuperLeague, 8-4 is the baseline.



CPR should be posting the number "9" on every surface a football player comes in contact with, as a reminder of what the football world thinks of them.

I'm sure sports psychologists would discourage that, preferring a more affirmational message like "1" everywhere.

But Iowa State needs to play every down with a gigantic chip on their shoulder to overcome the advantages on the other sideline. They need to go through the season seriously ticked off, because nobody is going to respect Iowa State until they beat people on a regular basis.

Might as well start now, Niners.