Saturday, January 31, 2009


So, if we hold McDermott to the same standard as McCarney, close doesn't count, right?

Moral victories are for losers, or so the Big Money folks tell me.



Of course, this is exactly the kind of day Hilton Magic would pick for a reappearance: struggling team coming off a horrendous road loss, awesome visitor who is probably looking past, total mismatch on talent, Cyclones have no chance.

The whole premise of Hilton Magic wasn't that ISU won every game at home but that they won the unlikely game where they played far above the norm at home, and usually far below it on the road. The visitors consistently performed at a lower level than normal to help the effort.

I'm not putting my dollar on it- just sayin' today is the perfect scenario.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Missing Bits

Late in the loss against KU ESPN played highlights of ISU's last win over the Jayhawks, and it became very apparrent what was missing in today's loss: stady play at the point and outside shooting.

Self used on of BF's favorite tricks: let the opponent's best palyer shoot at will, but lock up everyone else. The odds say one player can't win it by themselves, but two can.

Game over.

Our Cyclones played hard, and defended well- KU just couldn't miss. Every turnover turned into a dunk, and that was the difference. More learnin' to do.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Gobla fan reminds us that quality teams don't get blown out in the second half of road games.

They are so helpful.



Does it strike anyone as odd how rarely an assistant with no head coaching experience is handed the top basketball job in a power conference, yet it happens all the time in football- including ISU?

Given the money involved, it seems like the basketball job is the place to take a chance and require head experience on some level for the football gig.

But what do I know? I'm just a guy in the upper deck.


Saturday, January 17, 2009


Do you remember when SUI fired their hoops coach because the team in Ames was winning so much it was stealing the limelight?

That feels like a lifetime ago.

The roadie to Mizzou was exactly the kind of performance Greg needed to show everyone that he's getting the job done.


Random Thought

I can't wait to hear BF's take on the Chizick fiasco during next summer's coaches tour. That should be worth ten minutes by itself.


Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm finding the whole Podolak situation quite funny, since the hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Iowa City literally revolves around getting drunk. Walk around the ped mall on a Friday and you understand why SUI has a Party School reputation around the Big 1011. It's no accident that the drunk guy in an Iowa sweatshirt is a punchline in Chicago. Iowa City without alcohol is Webster City.

If the SUI administration was really serious about changing the image of the school for the better they would declare the campus- especially the parking lots around Kinnick- dry. The school would demand the wink-wink-nudge-nudge "19 ordinance" be repealed, and the police crack down on underage drinking they way they do in Ames. Make IC so boring New Liberty looks like New Orleans.

Until then it's all lip service, and Ed was the fall guy. Good for him for saying F.U. to the hypocrisy. That will buy him a few drinks from the fan base at his next tailgate.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Step Forward

If our Cyclones are going to have an interesting season, they need to win as many home games as possible, and beat the beatable teams every time. Tonight fit both categories.

While its no fun watching a 13 point lead dissapear, but finishing on a 10-0 run to win makes up for it.

A sweep of NU/CU/KSU would be a really good base to build on.

We'll know a lot more about our guys when they return from Columbia.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Offensive Plans

I think the hiring of Tom Herman as OC is a good one.

coached at Rice, he understands how to succeed despite having less
talent that the opponent. You also have to understand how to use the
talent you have, not assuming you've assembled a Fantasy College team,
or that the talent at, say, Texas is the same as whats inAmes and the problems are just in the schemes.

Honestly, as long as they look like they know what they are doing and aren't burning TOs on 2-4 at their own 40 because they couldn't get the play in, I'll be happy.

stat geeks will have to help me, but I have a hunch that if your
offense can average an additional 7 points per game, your defense will
automatically be 7 points better, too. The fewer 3-and-outs you have,
the fewer bad spots your defense is put in, and that sort of thing.

Now for the most important hire: DC. That's where long-term success for this program lies.


Pizza Pit

I don't know if it is reassuring or unerving that Pizza Pit in Ames hasn't redecorated their dining room since it opened in 198x. The art was dated when I worked there in '92, and it doesn't look any better now.

For comparison, Cy's Roost, the original beer hall, has reconfigured itself at least three times since then.

The sandwiches were still good.


Thoughts From A Doubleheader

I attended both ends of the basketball doubleheader in Ames Saturday, and as both teams won, we had fun. Some thoughts:

- Nothing I stated a year ago has changed. Rough play makes WBB really hard to watch. Like in hockey, letting the goons do what they want takes the skill players out of the game, an drives fan from your now ugly sport. The Vandy game was hideous to watch.

- I have to dissagree with how BF handles Vandy's press down the stretch. They refused to attack and punish Vandy's agression, and it almost won the game for Vandy.

- The staff did a tremendous job shutting down Vandy's #2 scorer. I read the preview after the game, and was shocked that a player who looked like she had no offensive skills was actually one of their stars. She also sported an awful set of cornrows.

- If Vandy is ranked, ISU can be really, really good by March.

- I like what facilities has done with the various banners in the rafters of Hilton.

- The MBB team looked like they needed a blowout, and it was fun to watch them deliver.

- Hat tip to Hilton staff for letting those in the balcony come down to the good seats when it was obvious most of the paid tickets were iced in at home. I recall a similar situation during the Orr years when a huge blizzard kept 6,000 at home. Those who made it saw a great win over the Gophers. The balcony buyers make more noise per person.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

I'm Bored

I told you the Gobla game would be over early.

No other games for 90 minutes? The Horror!

We need to move a couple of games back to NYD.

Looks like its the Saved By The Bell marathon for me.