Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The first Sagarin ranking of the season puts ISU at #72, which I can't argue with one game in.

Sag is skewed towards last year the first few weeks, so we'll see how
this evolves as more current data gets added to the formulas. Winning a few will help, too.

Upcoming opponents:

Kent State #134 (ISU -16 at home)
UNLV #121 (ISU -7 on the road)
Baylor #120 (ISU -6 on the road)
a$m #70 (ISU -2 at home)
KSU #44 (ISU +10 on the road)
Colorado #43 (ISU +10 on the road)
Kansas #36 (ISU +6 at home)
SUI #34 (ISU +12 on the road)
Nebraska #32 (ISU +6 at home)
Mizzou #24 (ISU +10 at home)
OSU #16 (ISU +17 on the road)

Since my football bar is low, all I ask for is to beat the teams that finish with a losing record, and then try to "upset" someone who thinks ISU is a sure win (that doesn't narrow it down much.)

If we can complete step one, step two and 6 wins doesn't seem too crazy.


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