Friday, September 05, 2008


Anyone who knows me knows how much I despise "Slick Rick" Neuheisel.

Ricky made his mark with me in his rookie season at CU by going for 2 with two minutes left in a 50-28 win in Ames. What's the big deal?

CU was a 21 point favorite.

I was shocked- shocked- when Ricky lost his job at Washington over recreational betting. I was equally shocked that both CU and uDub went on probation after he departed.

With UCLA's upset win over Tennessee giving Rick's tenure momentum, there are only two questions:

1. Has Rick committed the rule violation that will ultimately put UCLA on probation yet?

2. What date will UCLA go on probation?

Cats don't change their stripes.

It's funny the things you'll do to keep up with the neighbors: Trophy wives, sub-prime mortgages, hiring crooked coaches.


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