Sunday, November 24, 2013


The 34-0 shutout of KU was cathartic for everyone involved. It was a nice reward for those who put on enough layers to spend 3 hours in 5 degree weather

It was an important win for two reasons: it gave the program a bit of momentum headed into the WV finale, and it took all of the wind from KU's sails after breaking their losing streak last week. Climbing the standings is a long-term zero-sum game. To climb the standings, you need to consistently beat everyone below you. KU is a team ISU needs to keep a rung below to have long term progress.

WVU appears to be in football trouble, so the best thing to do would be to hand them an anchor to the bottom of the standings.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


While it's fun to have basketball matter, I didn't realize how irrelevant our Cyclones have been on th national stage: the current #21 ranking is their highest in 12 years.

That covers four coaches.

The current play of the team gives me some confidence that this won't be another high water mark for the decade. Fred's teams usually struggle in November and December as the new faces find their role- that doesn't appear an issue so far.

BTW- the Detroit press blames Michigan's loss in Ames not on solid Cyclone play down the stretch but on youth and not having a leader yet.

Sunday, November 03, 2013


Looks like ISU is trying to revert to their historic norm.

Given the injuries and youth- the number of Freshmen who are playing is terrifying- Cyclone fans are willing to punt on this year. But the program is losing momentum with every blowout.

I imagine a few coaches are going to lose their jobs, but a angry mob needs to see that changes are being made. The offense is arguably the worst among the power conferences. That can't stand.

If the NCAA really cared about competitive balance, every school would get 3 weeks of practice at the end of the year, bowl game or not. But the NCAA has a financial incentive in keeping the traditional football powers in power, so teams that need the extra practice don't get it.