Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hoops Coaches Rankings

Can't argue with this, except I would have mentioned the talent that has transferred out.

Getting kids to come hasn't been the problem.



Players first.

People often fall in love with the raw data of a player- 40 time, bench press, arm strength of QB's- and they discount whether the kid can play football and make plays.

Sage Rosenfels's raw data was so bad that his only DI schollie was from ISU, who took the time to look at the tape and see a kid who managed the game well. Funny, he did the same thing in Ames and the NFL. Amazing.

VA Tech made the jump to the Top 10 with blue collar, lunchpail players who weren't good enough for other schools, yet excelled for the Hokies because they could play the game.

That's a good model to follow.


The Homecoming Metric

We will know ISU football has escaped doormat status when schools stop scheduling our Cyclones for Homecoming.

KU has ISU for HC this fall.

We'll see if Nebraska and a$m choose the Cyclones, too.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Money Troubles In Manhattan

I didn't realize how expensive athletics at K State had become.

Jamie looks like a miser in comparison. Given the return on KSU's "investment", I'll take the miser.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A college football playoff that would work, which ensures the Presidents will never agree to it.

Hat Tip: Wiz of Odds


Big 12 Network?

It's being discussed.

While anything would be better than the B12's current TV deal, is the TV universe ready for the ISU-Nebraska-Mizzou track triangular?

It's all about the Benjamins. The Big Ten Network reports stunning income for a network with hardly any ads outside of football braodcasts. Even MBB broadcasts were half promos for the league, the network and the schools.

Hat Tip: Wiz of Odds



Hlas sees sunshine in the ISU men's program. That would be a nice change.

Chuck sees Lucca as helping Brackins, but not as much as Brackins helps Lucca. I concur.

Barring horrendous injuries, they've got to be better. Perhaps even good enough to beat the Goblas.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Paul Profile

The more I read things like this, the more I think we got the right guy for the moment.


We're #112!

I suppose this ranking is no surprise, but it still hurts to be ranked 38 slots lower than this time last year.

The good news is that it won't take many wins to climb back up 40 or 50 spots to being merely lousy.

I appreciate the effort taken in the profile, as it would be easy to write a couple of token paragraphs and move on, but the Times gives us a fair shake. The only obvious errors I found was in the caption of the photo at the top: that game at Kansas was in '07, not Ames in '08. Darn interns.

I did enjoy the digs at Chizik for both their accuracy and pointedness.


The Return of Lucca

I have to agree with Keeler that another season is probably the best plan for Lucca, just as another season in Ames is probably the best plan for Craig.

Their abilities aside, just having essentially the same team roll out in October that finished up in March will be a huge step forward, and will hopefully will pay dividends. Experience matters.



The news of the passing of Wayman Tisdale is sad because Wayman was not only young- 44- but a genuinely decent man.

I met Tisdale while working on a video project for a jazz music website, back when web video was very cutting edge. Wayman was at the end of his NBA career and was ramping up his music career full-time. We did an interview in his modest but top-shelf home recording studio in his nice but not over-the-top home in the Phoenix suburbs.

I haven't seen the tape since '96, but I recall him being humble, gracious, friendly, and saying repeatedly that he was just having fun, whether on the basketball court or in the recording studio. He let us invade his home for far too long, and played along with whatever we asked. He didn't have to- and that was the point.

Follow the link above- it is a nice summary of his career.

So it goes.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Gene: Chicken

He allegedly wouldn't start his Auburn career against UCLA in Atlanta.

At least he talks a good game.



Recruiting rankings are poor indicators of NFL potential.

hat tip: Wiz of Odds


Schedule Embarrassment

The Wiz of Odds brings up some embarrassing scheduling stats.

If anyone should be given a pass its our Cyclones. We gotta walk against North Dakota State before we can run with the likes Ohio State.

But UT and a$m gotta schedule BCS teams. At least ISU plays SUI every year.



I hope the bowl trip was worth it.

I wonder which sport BSU will cut to finance their football "success"?

hat tip: Wiz of Odds


Half Full

I would take this.

A break or two and a healthy OL and a bowl isn't ridiculous.


Chuck on KJ

It's nice to read the thoughts of someone who has been around more than 5 minutes.

That sounds like is was quite the scene. I haven't been able to find it online.



The school of coaching hires says you alternate personalities with each new coach, and ISU has with the hiring of Kevin Jackson. KJ is the outgoing rah-rah type that Cael wasn't, and for a team that has the resume to win a NC next year, it may be what is needed to push ISU over the top.

In one of the articles I read there was a small crack into criticisms of the Cael regime. One of KJ's points of emphasis would be to introduce himself to every wrestling program int he state of Iowa. Translation: The impression among state coaches was that Cael favored out-of-state over in-state, and KJ should try to change that.

Gene had open disdain for local talent, assuming there were only one or two DI players per year, so why bother. We saw how that worked out.

Hopefully KJ can build enough relationships to slow the flow of wrestling talent to IC.

Jackson is also taking the right tone with the press. It would have been easy to throw down the gauntlet on day one, but he knows that the Brands boys don't need any firing up. They are overcranked as it is.


Lucca Going?

The opinion in Germany is no.

Like Brackins, I hope he stays, but I don't blame him for leaving. I understand finding oneself ina situation that's different than what was sold to you.


He Cares So Little He Devoted An Entire Blog To It

For a guy who doesn't care about Lucca Steiger, he sure devotes a lot of electrons to him.

The "Brackins will take all of the shots" dig was a nice backhand job- it will be agony watching a first team B12 player score 25+ a night. How will we bear it?

That was right up there with Hayden Fry's dig on an ISU QB back in the 80's: "He's a great player. We thought so much of him coming out of HS we asked him to walk-on."

Pardon, Ron, your bias is showing.