Thursday, June 26, 2008

Early Bad News

This probably isn't coming as a shock, but according to Keeler the
football mags are
a little down on our Cyclones.

Everybody pictures ISU in some flavor of 6th in the North. Big shock.

there's the ESPN
2008 Bowl Projection:

Short version:

*Nebraska: Insight
*Mizzou: Holiday
*CU: Texas
*KU: Alamo

OU: Fiesta
Tech: Sugar
Texas: Cotton
*a$m: Sun
*OSU: Indy

*Kent State: Congressional
*SUI: Motor City

That's 8 projected bowl teams on the schedule. At least we miss the best three in the league.

baseline is beating all of the non-bowl teams and building from there.
(I prefer to beat every team that finishes below .500, which in the
present bowl universe is the same thing.)

SDSU, at UNLV, at Baylor and at KSU become must wins. Pick off one or two of the others and we've moved forward.

Is it August yet?


Early Good News

ISU is +8 against SDSU.

It's a start.


Big Shock

Jason just couldn't keep his nose clean.

And now he's done.

Big shock, and what a waste. Who in his life failed to instill the importance of just following the rules?


Saturday, June 21, 2008

You're Always Hardest On Those You Love

Ron drops a good one.

Scroll past the Hawkeye Marching Band photo at the top of the page.

Nice one, Ron. That's why I read you.


Thursday, June 19, 2008


What does a college football fan do during the summer? Besides loading in the actual names of every player on every team into your copy of NCAA '09 (get a life- really) you can look ahead to the great potential matchups- and the those that look like dogs in June.

ISU has a couple in the dog category, unfortunately.

We begin with The Sporting News, which puts ISU ninth in the B12 in difficulty of noncon schedule. Given ISU's football struggles, anything above middle of the pack would be stupid. I consider two BCS road games equals out the home game against SD State. I'll be pleased if we leave September at 3-1, which will be a big step up from '07 in itself.

On the flip side, SUI's noncon is ranked #8 in the 1011. I wonder if our trip to Iowa City or SUI's trip to Pitt is considered the tougher test?

Finally, a random shot from a Georgia fan. While the ISU-SUI tilt is the 8th best noncon game on the B12 slate, the rest of our early games are derided as cupcakes, especially the SDSU game.

My only reply would be that you gotta walk before you can run, especially in football.

I would have to agree with the writer's guess that the 12th game has resulted in more cupcake games than interesting inter-regional matchups. Nice paydays for the mid-majors and D-AA teams, and some nice memories too. Right UNI? Right Appilachian State?


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not A Fan? Hardly

There are two constants in Ron Maly's blog: Digs at Iowa State, especially football (written from a condescending "Football was invented in Iowa City" altitude), and claiming not to be a fan of SUI.

when you read a nugget
like this:

"I was more than excited when I packed up my ‘67 Chevy and headed to Iowa City in August of 1974 to be a Hawkeye football manager.

I started following Iowa football since 1963 when I was in fourth grade, and from that time on wanted to be a Hawkeye."

Hard to claim journalistic integrity after an upbringing like that. Considering how many game Ron watches for free from the pressbox as a kind of Lifetime Achievement Award, his "I was impartial towards ISU" shtick has all the validity of Barry Bonds' "Doesn't every one's shoe size jump four sizes in their 30's?" act.

The whole post wallows in classic "Valient Hawks Fight The Good Fight" dreck. Grab a stiff drink before wading in.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Gotta Fix This

Only two games this year between href="">the
B12 and the Big1011:


I thought the 12 game schedule was going to increase the number of games between Big Time Football Schools, not decrease it.



This writer agrees with us: CU bothced the end of the game.

Video to prove it, and a nice shout of to John and Eric's play calling.




That's where the NY Times thinks
we start the year at.

I can't argue with that. Lots to prove, like being worthy of uni's that mimic USC.

Those are big black shoes to fill.


Damned If They Do...

You know SUI didn't want to renew the series with ISU, but the fallout of not renewing would be worse than the fallout from each of their upset losses to Silo Tech.

Damn Legislators sticking their nose into football! They should stick to things they know, like declaring Official Bellevue Fried Carp Day and things like that.

See you in September, boys. I know you won't take ISU seriously this year, either, but a bowl trip could be riding on it.


Odd Coaching Poll

I'm not sure what to make of this.

I can't rank Gene very high after one year, just because it's too early. Behind Sherman at a$m is fine, too- Sherm's got about 90 or so more games under his belt than Gene, and they were in the NFL.

He does come in ahead of Price at KSU, though. Ouch!

A grade of C- isn't too out of line considering how the year started, either. The wisdom of crowds.

The real slap? Whoever is coach at Michigan State, at 24-22 in his career, came in ahead of Ferentz. Double Ouch!

I guess those 6-6 finishes are taking some of the shine off his rep.



This comes straight from the "Hypocritical Do-As-I-Say-Not-As-I-Did Pieces Of Advice" File, but Lucca should stay out of the bars for a few years.

This coming from someone who wasted too much of his college carrer at Cy's Roost, both before and after his 21st birthday (I think the statute of limitatioins ran out a while ago on that crime), but then again I wasn't on a D1 basketball scholarship, and thousands of my fellow students weren't chanting my name at games, either.

I know it's a drag, and it makes hooking up a bit more of a challenge, but drink at home until you are legal. It will be worth it in the long run.


Hoop Talk

I went and heard Paul Shirley talk at the Des Moines library last week, and what you read on the printed page is exactly what you get in person: dark, sarcastic, self-depricating, and slightly offensive in a too-honest-kind-of-way. Paul noted at the start that looking out at the room he could tell half the crowd of 200 were avid readers, and the other half were avid sports fans. Each group got something worth coming for.

Paul certainly knows which of his bits will get the big laughs, and he sets those lines up like a seasoned pro, but he is humorous throughout his talks. He just points out the absurdity that seems to permeate his basketball life.

The most surprising thing is his dissolutionment with what most of us civlians build up: Sports, Fame, Money, Success. He has been behind the cutain too much, has seen too many of the inner workings of professional basketball, and it has turned hoops into a job. A very lucrative job, Paul admits, but he has no interest in returning to the NBA, for instance. I suppose he is the type who prefers to play every day in Europe than ride the bench for a bigger paycheck in the NBA.

Buy the book. It is an entertaining an illuminating read.

End of commercial.