Sunday, February 27, 2011

Parting Gifts

If the OT loss to Nebraska essentially bumped Iowa State from a bowl, at least we returned the favor by essentially ending the Husker's hopes of making the NCAA tournament since forever.

Not that Nebraska fan cares a lick about basketball, but still.

But good golly was that painful to watch. The Cyclones chocked that game hard and are fortunate that Nebraska wasn't good enough to take advantage.

Mission one for the staff in the off season: Throw out the pages of the gameplan involving End Of Games, and try something else. I think the sample size is big enough to conclude that the current plan is not going to work.

Now, burst CU's bubble as a parting gift.


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Big Boy Pants

I agree with this completely.

I've made fun of the Bowling In The Endzone fetish many Cyclone fans have, but new and improved facilities often sell themselves. Attendance jumped when the Jack was built compared to Clyde Williams. I witnessed the same thing happen when Des Moines rebuilt Sec Taylor Stadium in the 90's.

The plan to build a football facility and use the roof for seating is the best design, and is what sold me on the deal. I love that kind of design.

Put on the Big Boy Pants, boys.


Edit- corrected link

Lost Decade

Blum gets it right.

I will always remember how LE would, on the post-game show after a big win, remind everyone to cherish the win, cherish the ride they were on. He was psychic.

May that ride come again.