Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gold Pants Are Back!

TEXTIt's true! (No picture, though)

A step back towards the glory days of ISU football fashion (and winning, BTW).

Perhaps my post had an impact. Please review at your leisure.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Without even looking at his resume, I give the new guy in Iowa City a 1/3 chance of being there for more than 6 years like his predecessor. My reasons:

1. Barry Collier had a spiffy resume when he went to Lincoln, but found life in a Major Conference different from life in a Mid-Major Conference. He was canned.
2. Ditto Dan Monson
3. Even if the new guy gets an NCAA bid or two, the fan base has clearly spoken that first round-exits are NOT acceptable.
4. So if he manages a Sweet 16 or two, some Big Money Basketball School will swing in and offer to double the guys salary, and he will go.

The only way he makes it to season seven is if he follows the Alford plan- do just well enough to not get fired, but not well enough that a really good gig cherry picks you away. All that got Alford (thanks to B. Knight) was his own personal Basketball Elba. Time will tell if the new guy has to escape to his.

Before you crank up your keyboard, #1 & #4 of the above are probably applicable to Greg McD, too.

Good luck, Coach. I hope you are walking in with your eyes wide open. It can be a tough room.


Sunday, April 01, 2007