Friday, May 30, 2008

A Great Cheap Shot

Marty Tirell:

"The University of Iowa is having trouble finding a TV network willing to air the Iowa/Iowa State game. Given their legal troubles, perhaps Court TV would be interested."


If you are going to make a cheap shot, go all the way, baby.


The Smell Of A Winner

Cyclone Football will never be taken seriously until it mixes in a little of this.

The cause and effect is direct, isn't it? OU wins, it gets in trouble, it wins some more, it gets in trouble again, lather, rinse, repeat.

I mean, the only school I can recall losing AND getting in trouble for cheating is, uhm, well, never mind.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Coach Hornacek?

Does Jeff Hornacek have a future as an NBA coach?

His resume suggests potential. He admits that he didn't spend 12 years in the NBA because of atheltic prowess, but by understanding the game. That is exactly the kind of player who makes a good coach- someone who had to think his way to success, not just be the best guy on the floor.

Longer article here.

Not bad for a walk-on.


Thoughts On Wes

-Keith Murphy has many thoughts on the situation, all of them valid.

-Rick Brown has two different posts with similar themes: Shooting holes in Wes' story. One here, the other here.

-Ron Maly thinks Wes' AAU coach is involved.

Me? I hope Wes doesn't regret this six months from now. The greener grass is often just an optical illusion.


Quad Countdown-Kent

I had no idea how historically bad Kent State is- even worse than our beloved Cyclones.

The NY Times countdown has them at #99.

The most painful nugget: KSU's win in Ames was their first over a BCS team since '87. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

On the plus side, we'll be able to use the Golden Flashes return to Ames as a yardstick to see if our team has improved at all over the last 12 months.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Note to Greg and staff:

The goal of running players off is to
rid yourself of players you don't think can contribute to your team.

Just checking.


FB forecast Pt. 2

A looong writeup at the KSU rivals site.

Big suprise: it's downbeat.


FB forecast Pt. 1

The NY Times Sports Blog "The Quad" is counting up (?) their ranking of every BCS team from bottom to top.

Baylor is #112.

Here's hoping, despite being listed as Baylor's best shot at a B12 win this year, we don't see ISU in this poll for several weeks.


Sunday, May 04, 2008


Somebody thinks we're going to have a spike in interest in football tickets one of these days.

Of course, only Nebraska and SUI fans will be buying them, right?


Front Page

How this wasn't front page, above the fold of the Sunday DSM Rag, I'll never know:

A member of the Iowa State University football coaching staff was arrested after allegedly breaking into a car impound lot and trying to drive his car out through the steel gate.

Floyd Howard White, 30, of 3709 Tripp St., was arrested Friday morning and charged with OWI first offense and criminal trespassing causing damage of over $200, both serious misdemeanors.

I sometimes joke that if football players were smart, they wouldn't be football players. I see the joke can also apply to football coaches.

I expect a full-blown media circus to spin up any moment now. It beats doing hard journalism, especially on a Sunday.