Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Funny how one can improve by not playing.

Iowa State is now #11 in the Big12 Sagarin rankings.

a$m is now last. Nice place for them.

Soon we will get a chance to keep them there.


Hat Tip

I owe a tip of the hat to Colorado and Nebraska for scheduling far better teams than they need to.

While both lost this past weekend (at Florida State and at home to Va Tech, respectively) CU was rewarded with a big home upset of West Virginia.

Considering they could have backed out of a challenging game and scheduled a cupcake instead, (we're talking about you, K State) CU and NU did the right thing.

I look forward to the year that ISU is good enough to schedule more agressively to the point that SUI isn't viewed as "the tough non con game".


Sunday, September 28, 2008


Personally, I think our program needs more personal fouls. A little more nastiness can go a long way.

Let's wait until we're cranking out 10 win seasons before we start worrying about anti-social behavior.


Hangover Week Two

Clearly, the Hawkeye Hangover continues.

After staking the validity of their entire season on beating Silo Tech, SUI loses to another inferior opponent.

BTW- thanks for tanking our SOS. Losing to a good team is better than losing to a bad team.

That's what you get for putting too much emphasis on one game in September.


Friday, September 26, 2008


Sagarin confirms my suspicion:

We're teh worst in the B12 right now.

stats prove it. Except for TO margin, we're bad. I don't
think being infirst for FG attempts is the sign of a good team.

At least we have the week off.

The only way to gain some respect from both computers and humans is to beat someone decent, and do it regularly.


Saturday, September 20, 2008


Despite their nice little second half rally to force OT, our Cyclones are officially the worst team in the B12. The second half rally can't make up for the gross incompetence of the first.

Good thing they have two weeks to prepare for KU.

I'd put the opening line at KU +30.



Clearly, SUI placed too much emphasis on winning their Super Bowl last week. The hangover resulted in a slow start against Pitt, and overcoming that start cost them in the end.

Their coaching staff really needs to teach them not to place everything on one game. While Big1011 games count more with a conference title on the line, every win gets you a better bowl bid, every loss a lousier one, or no trip at all.

If KF is ever going to bring the National Championship to Iowa City, a title the campus and fan base so richly deserves, he needs to figure out how to win even the seemingly unimportant games against teams like Pitt, Western Michigan and Iowa State.

Note; the above was written with the highest degree of sarcasm. Read at your own risk.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Luck in Vegas?

(I spent a whole 10 minutes thinking up that clever headline!)

Will our Clonies end their road losing streak in the Desert Saturday night?

They could. I think the defense will keep them in it. If special teams can hold their own, and the offense get on track in the Red Zone, sure, they can win.

But they won't. You don't lose 13 roadies in a row by accident.

Vegas will be the first to tell you, never bet against a streak.

Until our team displays the intestinal and mental fortitude to break though and beat somebody outside the 515, I'll keep assuming they won't.

Sorry. It's my nature. I should be in risk management- I only see the bad outcomes.

Vegas 17, ISU 10.


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Winning has a funny way of hiding problems.

My morning paper gushed about the stout, gritty SUI defense, but had nary a word about the SUI offense that managed only 10 points against a team that gave up 28 to Kent State last week.

SUI had two solid drives (69 and 66 yards), and a whole bunch of nothing (17,47,9,0,11,5,0,7), a full-blown QB controversy (Which one will get booed next?), and all we read about is Greene's nice 122 yard day, the bulk which came on the aforementioned two drives.

Time will tell if ISU has a decent D, SUI a lousy O, neither, both, or some of the above.

Winners write the histories.



UNLV had 345 yards and 3 offensive TDs against ASU last night.
WSU had 340 yards against Baylor and scored 17 points Friday.
USC had 340 yards on tOSU, yet managed 28 offensive points- 21 on drives over 60 yards.

ISU had 340 yards, and 3 points, on 6 trips into the Red Zone.

CBS told me last night that the NCAA average for TDs/Red Zone visit is 58%. Below average would have meant 21 points, which would have won going away.



UNLV beat #15 Arizona State 23-20 in OT last night. In Tempe.

So much for a casual trip to Vegas this week, and please refer to the below post if ISU does lose to the Rebels- it won't be due to a hangover.



The Rag tries to stir the pot by bringing up the fact that ISU is 4-6 in their next game after losing to SUI, which takes you back to '91.

Small detail: The season ending record of the teams in those 6 losses?

46-14-1, and one to UNI, who didn't stink.

The record of the teams they beat? 14-31.

Small detail.

I consider the "SUI Hangover" a myth officially busted.

'02 excepted, SUI takes a much bigger dive in years they lose to Iowa State, than the inverse. But that will never get mentioned in the press- that brings down the narrative of Valiant Hawkeyes they work so hard to perpetrate.


Saturday, September 13, 2008


ISU has now gone 10 quarters without scoring a TD against SUI.

Let's put that at the top of our To-Do list for '09, OK?



Our Cyclones outplayed the athletes from Iowa City, yet came away looking like they weren't even close.

Clearly, ISU has the same Red Zone issues that has plagued them since Seneca left for Seattle. New unis, same old ghosts. SUI only had three trips into the Red Zone, and they got points on all three. ISU? 6 trips, one FG. Each failure had less to do with what SUI did, and more in how ISU failed.

The good news is that our defense has arrived, and will keep us in most games. When you hold a team to 52 offensive plays, and 4.7 YPP, you are doing something right.

At least the safety covered the spread. I could hear thousands of fat, drunk, degenerate SUI fans screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" at their TV. Today wasn't a total waste- SUI fan lost the rent.

But since this was a game that SUI is always supposed to win, it doesn't matter much, no?

Get in the end zone in Vegas, and we're 3-1 to start the B12 slate.


Friday, September 12, 2008


ISU enters Saturday's tilt with the Buzzards a 14 point underdog.

Given the forecast of a wet track, and ISU's lack of either a running game or a run defense, a spread of 24 wouldn't have surprised me.

Frankly, it seems that regardless of how good either team is, ISU is always a 14 point underdog. Yet ISU somehow has been coming out on top as of late. Funny how that happens.

As usual, ISU won't win the game, but the Buzzards might lose it.

My guess: The good guys fall 28-21.

See you after the game.


Saturday, September 06, 2008


How about this for measuring progress this season: W/L compared to teams from last year.

ISU has the following common opponents from '07:

Kent State
Kansas State

Last year's record versus the above: 3-4

Right now we're 1-0.

KU and Mizzou are probable losses, even in Ames.

KSU and CU will be challenges on the road.

It's still too early to judge the Cornhuskers.

Of course, we can never hope to compete with the On-The-Cusp-Of-A-National-Title Hawkeyes, so that's an L.

Even 4-3 will be a success in my book.

We will update as we move along.



I wrote a year ago that Kent State's return to Ames would be a yardstick for the program.

By John and Eric's call, Kent's offense has nice weapons that ISU struggled to control.

The good news is that the offense has grown and matured, and has broken out of the Red Zone doldrums it had in '07. The opportunistic scores are a refreshing change.

Time will tell is the scheme to control the scrambling QB resulted in the soft run D, or if the run defense really is that lousy. I suspect the folks in Iowa City will have no qualms about handing the ball off to find out.

The good news is that ISU is 2-0 with more winable games on the horizon. Now we learn if they can win in their new white jerseys.

I'm sure there will be something to write about this week.


They Care! They Really Care!

Has the SUI football program really fallen so far they have to break out the gimmicks when our lowly CyClowns come to town?

Things have changed a bit in 10 years, no?



It's good to hear we have a punter that knows what he's doing.

I was wondering if we were going to see him before we got to Kinnick.


Friday, September 05, 2008


Anyone who knows me knows how much I despise "Slick Rick" Neuheisel.

Ricky made his mark with me in his rookie season at CU by going for 2 with two minutes left in a 50-28 win in Ames. What's the big deal?

CU was a 21 point favorite.

I was shocked- shocked- when Ricky lost his job at Washington over recreational betting. I was equally shocked that both CU and uDub went on probation after he departed.

With UCLA's upset win over Tennessee giving Rick's tenure momentum, there are only two questions:

1. Has Rick committed the rule violation that will ultimately put UCLA on probation yet?

2. What date will UCLA go on probation?

Cats don't change their stripes.

It's funny the things you'll do to keep up with the neighbors: Trophy wives, sub-prime mortgages, hiring crooked coaches.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The first Sagarin ranking of the season puts ISU at #72, which I can't argue with one game in.

Sag is skewed towards last year the first few weeks, so we'll see how
this evolves as more current data gets added to the formulas. Winning a few will help, too.

Upcoming opponents:

Kent State #134 (ISU -16 at home)
UNLV #121 (ISU -7 on the road)
Baylor #120 (ISU -6 on the road)
a$m #70 (ISU -2 at home)
KSU #44 (ISU +10 on the road)
Colorado #43 (ISU +10 on the road)
Kansas #36 (ISU +6 at home)
SUI #34 (ISU +12 on the road)
Nebraska #32 (ISU +6 at home)
Mizzou #24 (ISU +10 at home)
OSU #16 (ISU +17 on the road)

Since my football bar is low, all I ask for is to beat the teams that finish with a losing record, and then try to "upset" someone who thinks ISU is a sure win (that doesn't narrow it down much.)

If we can complete step one, step two and 6 wins doesn't seem too crazy.