Saturday, June 23, 2007

I've got Beaver Fever!

I've been waiting for years to write that. It's stolen from a popular T-shirt worn by supporters of Durant (IA) High School Athletics. It fits here, too.

ISU has scheduled a home-home with Oregon State as part of a Big 12/Pac 10 series, snappy nickname to follow. Too bad it will be on Fox Sports and not The Sports Mothership, aka ESPN.

A quality NonCon opponent is a happy addition, regardless of how we came about it.

I assume it has been reported elsewhere, but in the summer I get my hoops knews sporadically, and assume other do, too.


Uni thoughts

Here's someone who actually ranked the uniforms of the entire league. I have to agree with him on most counts, especially nods to the less-is-more-and-hasn't-changed-since-Kennedy looks of OU, a$m and UT.

He gives ISU a pass since things are changing, but he was neutral to the Chief's look.

My only quibble is that I often hate what Baylor, CU, Mizzou and ISU have worn recently. If your school colors are something and white, white pants are approriate. If you have two colors as your colors, wear both, dang it! And no substituting black as a school color when it isn't (an affliction that has struck about half of the NCAA basketball programs).

CU and BU are the worst offenders with white/white with gold helmets. Blah. I don't know that BU should be spending its cash on green helmets for the road, but if it wins games for them (like the last time they were in Ames), what the heck.

So It Begins

It's summer, and everyone is prognosticating.

This fellow sees ISU finishing 5-7, which is a couple of wins more than I'm envisioning this year. Perhaps I am too dour.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another step

So the Big Game will be on something called Versus.

Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long for The Game to be so hard to watch for Joe Fan. I fully believe that college sports on free TV will be a memory in another decade, save for the biggest events that draw in the Casual Fan.

Us hardcores? Open the wallet.

Anyone who thinks Big Time Football still has some kind of DIII charm and honor should be slapped.


Good News

Sweet, sweet, sweet Throwback Uni's for the IA-ISU game. I hope some Earle Bruce Karma comes with them.
I assume SUI won't be wearing yellow helmets with black script "Iowa" on them for fear of inviting some Bob Commings juju to invade their season. Smart.