Thursday, April 21, 2011


If you assume this new toy will last 10 seasons, at 6 home games per year, and 45,000 per game, about $2 of each ticket will fund it.


Assuming they put something interesting on it, that's a pretty cheap cost on improving fan's impression of Trice.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ramping Up

I agree with both Fred's strategy and the analysis of it: ISU hoops needs to get good fast to attract the top level talent to stay good. It's a chicken/egg situation, but one with precedent.

Back in the 90's both Tim and Larry used JUCOs to fill holes and help raise and maintain performance, which brought in solid HS talent. If you aren't winning, recruiting becomes a tougher sell.

This time next year we'll know if the Refugee Strategy has paid off.


Sunday, April 10, 2011


I wish the Kool-Aid had the same effect on me as it does the Internet Poll Taking Population.

Not that I don't want success, I just have tempered expectations for the Smallest Football Budget in the Big 1210.


Saturday, April 02, 2011

Non-Story Story

There are two ingredients for the "Bill to Wisconsin" Non-Story to emerge: Success and Status.

Bill definitely has the success. And Wisconsin views its coaching job as a step up, even though it hasn't been to the NCAA Tourney '02. This was probably a reporter or blogger putting his/her finger in the air and saying "Here's a list of coaches UW could probably poach from some school that's beneath us" and Bill was on the list.

Now, Wisconsin would be stupid not to call and gauge interest. And Bill would be stupid not to listen. UW is a better job for two reasons: he may be able to wrangle a bigger paycheck and its a much easier place to win because of the Big 10/11/12.

According to Real Time RPI, The Big 10 ended the year with 4 teams int he top 50. The Big 12 had 7, with 4 in the Top 25. While this may have been a down year for the B10, I suspect it was a typical year in the B12. Life would be easier in Madison.

But I suspect Bill is happy in Ames. Expectations are reasonable. Fan support is crazy. He may not be interested in another rebuild. Sometimes when things fit, you don't mess with it.



My late Grandpa Ed claimed that he made the first phone call to Danny Mac about Sage.

Don't know if that's true, but its a good story about a good kid.