Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brackins Review

Hlas finds some nice NBA quotes about Craig.


Nutty Attendance

I guess I'm not a true fan as I've never attended a Sprig Game. Since I don't memorize the three deeps or look at grainy youTube video of offensive guards who are sophomores at Waving Grain High in west somewhere, I just don't get the value of a scrimmage other than it's kinda like football that counts.

Anyway, Hlas has a nice roundup of various Spring Football bits, including the attendance at various schools.

The snarky would note that more folks showed up for Auburn's spring scrimmage than often show up for games that count in Ames, but it's also fair to assume that a 5-19 start will be greeting by something other than the slight grumblings Gene might have heard in Ames, too. So it goes in the bigtime.

BTW- Hat tip to any DI school willing to schedule quality noncon opponents. If ISU had a revenue stream other than football I would be the first to applaud taking an "Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime" attitude to road games. Play a power on the road every year, and once you start beating a few you will know you have arrived as a program. That's how Bowden did it at FSU.


Monday, April 27, 2009


Tickets to the bi-annual Gobla choke job will only be $60, $5 less than last year.

While down from the $90 ISU charged for the stunning TD-Free win over the 20 point favorite Goblas in 2007, it will still be a steep price to pay for the black and gold crowd. Charging visiting fans more that $25 to watch their 27-point-favorites lose to a glorified community college is just rubbing it in.

It's hardly our fault that Kirk's boys get a case of tight helmet at Trice. It's not like ISU has ever beaten SUI- the Goblas just find a way to lose.



Ron "I'm Not An Iowa Fan" Maly takes a few more swipes at ISU at the end of a surprisingly interesting wrestling post.

10 arrests for drunk and disorderly in Ames means it's VEISHEA. 10 arrests for D&D in Iowa City means it's Thursday. Pot, meet kettle.

Plus, the police called Walden, not Majors, in '88.

Pretty sloppy for a guy who posts about every grammatical error in the daily paper.


Berkley, Again

It's another trip to Berkley for our Clones, this time the men.

I assume they will use the same travel arrangements, right down to the same room service orders, that BF's crew used so successfully a month ago.

Cal comes to Ames in 2010, making this a home-and-home.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Sage Bio

A nice background piece on Sage.

Not bad for a kid with only one DI scholarship offer. Legend has it he wasn't on ISU's radar until a season ticket holder called up Dan and pitched him. Nice work out of that guy.



Hlas explores the blooming Sanderson-Brands rivalry.

I fully expect Brands to try to crush Cael's boys just as he did each year against ISU. His team seemed ready to go in December, where Cael and crew started slow and came on as the season progressed.

I hope he does well, and I think he will. In three years he pushed ISU up a couple of notches.

An interesting nugget: 12 2009 All-Americans were PA natives. 2 were IA natives. That's how deep the HS talent is. Lock up the borders and things will get interesting.



The Fauxhawk is gone, but the rest of Craig Brackins is staying.

The odds of Greg's group being worth watching next winter just went way, way up.

It sounds like conversations with Mike Taylor opened Craig's eyes to what life in the NBA is like. If he improves as much as he did from Freshman to Sophmore again this summer, watch out. Any scoring help from the other 11 and things could get interesting.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ever wonder why Cyclone Nation is sometimes a bitter, when-will-the-other-shoe-drop crowd?

This should answer some questions.

Its a wonder we haven't all gone shower rod. That's a lifetime of disappointment in a single decade. I hope a review of the next decade will be better.

The next time Iowa fan whines about their tough lot in life, slap then with this URL.

Also- the idea of using local radio talent that people like and are decent human beings has taken far too long to take hold.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


I knew Cael was making a fair dollar more than Douglas, but I didn't realize he was the highest paid wrestling coach in the nation.

And he just got a big raise. Wow.

The biggest thing I learned following Cael around in '01 and '02 was that the wrestling community is really small. Everyone knows everyone, and all are connected somehow.

ISU is still viewed as a good job, if not a great one. JP won't have to reach out much- others will reach out to him.


Best Case

A run like this would make Cyclone Nation happy, and put JP on better footing.

At the end of the day, football drives the bus. Losing football make for tough going.



Sean Keeler had an odd exchange with Jim Gibbons.




Why is Penn State upgrading their wrestling program at a time that most schools are spinning theirs down?

Why would PSU make a run at a top 5 coach without thinking they had a chance at getting him?

Why would Cael view a program with no history as a better candidate for a NC than one that has finished in the top 5 the last three years?

Was Cael frustrated that three Big 5 titles earned a collective shrug?

Was the weight of being The Next Gable too heavy a crown to wear?

Would wouldn't turn down a 50% pay raise?

How many more changes before JP fixes his HR issues?

JP's got some 'splainin to do. If Rhodes can't turn the corner.....


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Gone: An offensive system that didn't fit the talent.

In: Schemes that fit the talent you have, not the talent you wish you had.

Gone: Hoping the offense would learn the plays as the season went along.

In: Learning one play at a time, left and right, and not moving on until you know it.

Gone: Complex read blocks.

In: Zone blocking; Step out and hit somebody.

Gone: Gene (Super Genius) Chizik and his HOF 5-win career.

In: Someone who wants to prove himself.

I like the changes so far.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Clearly every other business using the word "Hawkeye" or a black and gold color scheme in IC needs has been put on notice.

I assume Hawkeye Family Dental is next on the cease-and-desist list.


Saturday, April 04, 2009

We're #2!

ISU is ranked #2, but I'd thought we'd be #1 for no being located in the state of Texas.

Nice yellow helmet/uni change dig, BTW.

A sober analysis of NU, too.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Looks like whatever fishing Tim finds in LA is better than trying to fish in the dessert.

I just assume coaches have clauses that they can't jump to another league school. Apparently not.

(Shhhh- USC might be the better gig. Nobody notices when you lose, unless you are G. Raveling.)


Final WBB Thoughts

I noticed last fall that BF had rolled out a pretty aggressive schedule (at Stanford, Vandy at home), and took it as a sign that he thought his ladies might have some game in them, and they should be tested.

Looks like he was right.

I now very curious what next season's schedule will look like.

Nice run. Nobody, and I mean nobody, does more with less than Bill.