Saturday, February 28, 2009

Roadie Winner

Its always good to see a Cyclone team win a road game. The ladies were up 18 at one point in the second half after a 25-5 run. Ouch.

That will make the 7.5 hour flight from Lubbock to Ames a little shorter.


Same Song

I was very impressed with the discipline ISU displayed Tuesday. They kept running their stuff on both ends, and it worked for once. They also avoided playing to Baylor's strengths, which was the key.

A little affirmation that their schemes can work probably made a big difference in practice this week.

Still, I assume ISU will be just good enough to find a way to lose at a$m. Decent inside play will doom them, as if wearing the red jerseys isn't enough.



There are an infinite number of external forces that determine if a QB will be successful- coaching, talent, ability to run the ball, skill players who can catch a ball, play calling, OL talent and scheme, a head coach who won't get the hook at the first INT, etc.

Sage has certainly earned a starting job somewhere, and if the Viking O Line can give him any kind of protection, I think he will surprise folks.

Not bad for a kid who got all of one schollie offer as a HS senior. Funny how that works.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Giving It Away

Both the basketball teams lost games they shouldn't have this weekend, both for the same reasons: they couldn't score when they needed it.

While the men losing at home is no surprise (if they are consistent at anything it is folding down the stretch) the women are a surprise. While KU can shoot well, they are in last place with only two wins before today. Trailing most of the way, the ladies missed all of the key shots late.

The ladies loss may be extremely costly. Due to tiebreakers, ISU was in solid position to earn a first-round bye for the B12 tourney, a huge advantage. Now, they will need to win out, especially in Lubbock, to avoid playing on Thursday and what would probably be a second round game against a fresh OU crew.

If ISU ends up playing on Thursday, the loss in Lawrence may be the reason.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


What he said.


Why Not?

In what may be one of the shortest press releases ever, ISU announces open tryouts for the FB team.

I see no downside to this.

There is probably some talent wandering around campus, especially if they played JUCO or were a decent HS player but never thought they would have a shot at DI. If even a handful of guys can provide practice depth, scout team, whatever, we're better for it. Tryouts should become a tradition, because a school like ISU will need its fair share of walkons to be successful in the long run.

Think of the cult status a kid will recieve if he goes from stands to starter in a season or two.


Roller Derby

While I think BF's crew choked down the stretch with a missed 1-1 and three bad offensive possesions down the stretch, most of the loss can be laid at the feet of the officials.

I doubt anyone on the ISU squad would start for UT, and yet they led virtually the entire game. They simply outplayed UT on both ends of the court, but couldn't finish.

Had the game been called the same as a men's game, and without the constant hand-checks on the guards and roller derby in the lane, ISU wins going away.


On a side note, if there is any athletic department in the nation that has the coin to pony up pink road unis for a fundraiser game, it's Texas. T-shirts don't cut it, horns. Weak.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Way to put it out of reach early, and keep the pedal on the floor.

The boys are going to need that kind of performance to leave Stillwater with a W.

For one night, we celebrate. We're #11!


Sunday, February 08, 2009


If the ISU athletic program is going to cement its status as the Worst Athletics in the Big 12, McDermott's crew is going to have to really buckle down and focus: there's a lot of basketball games to lose.

First off, losing at home to Colorado Tuesday is critical to the team's last place dreams. Losing any potential tiebreakers with the other team battling for last place is imperative.

Second, continue to be a one-trick-pony of offense. Give Brackins no reason to return by hardly matching his offensive totals each night. Nothing says "lousy" like a team with only one decent player.

Third, continue to rebound light Junior High Boys. Rebounds are the big, strong and determined, which is not you.

Fourth, continue to wilt under pressure. If you find yourself with the lead, fritter it away. Play as if you've never experienced on-ball pressure before. Dribbling off your collective foot is one of your strengths- keep it up.

Finally, remember your station in the league. No school in the XII spends less money on sports than ISU, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to get last-place results. This is what is expected of you, so focus and deliver.

The football team did its part- now its your turn.


Point Of Reference

McDermott and Mizzou's Anderson were hired the same year.

Slightly different results at this point.


Saturday, February 07, 2009


Performances like this do little to sway those Texans who want to boot ISU from the XII for a school with a better athletic program.

Like Rice.



Given how each coach's team has been equally stinky, Lickliter and McDermott had better be on each others Christmas card lists. The lousy performance by one lessens the likelihood of the other being canned Tom Davis style.


Sunday, February 01, 2009


ISU's combined Sagarin ranking for FB and MBB is 228- #114 twice. That's #11 in the B12.

CU is actually worse at 264- but we can't beat them in either sport, so we may just be #12.

We're getting what we pay for.