Saturday, February 27, 2010


Shoot 45%? Check
Crush your opponent on the boards? Check.
Make some threes? Check.

Look at the ISU half of the box score and one would think they won. Wrong.

Of course CU would be outplayed in every possible way, but shoot an impossible percentage to eek out a home win.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A scenario for Big 1011 expansion nobody is talking about: dumping Northwestern and Iowa.

Really- if one is trying to build a Super Conference for maximum eyeballs, Iowa has neither the population base or national interest to be a big TV draw. If you are going to have a football school from a small population state, trade Iowa for Nebraska. Huskers vs. Ohio State/Michigan/Penn State every year? Ratings bonanza!

NW doesn't have the alumni base or local interest, despite being in Chicago. That's what you get for having academic standards.

Iowa fan is smug looking at Iowa State's long-term prospects, but if you take the dispassionate view, all they have is being a legacy.

(I know, it would never happen. Just saying.)



For once, our Cyclones put the game away late. Amazing what happens when you shut down a team that was otherwise scoring at will.

At least the men have tied the football team for B12 wins this season, something I didn't expect would be such a milestone in August. So it goes.

The difference between the #9 and #10 vs. #11 or #12 in the tourney is huge.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bury him, I guess

 If Ron Maly has given up on Greg, then I guess its over.

Then again, Ron gave up on Rhodes after two games, so take his obituary writing at your own risk.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Impossible Happens Again

Iowa State has clinched their third HyVee Cy-Hawk trophy.

Given that Iowa City has every advantage- Huge budget, a win-at-all-costs mentality compared to Ames, 3:1 fan advantage, adoring media, etc, etc, Iowa State should never win this trophy. Never.

The fact that they are running .500 in this "contest" is hysterical, and shows who knows how to get more bang for their buck.

Considering ISU did this the hard way- by losing the football game, and the 3 points that go with it- is even more remarkable.

Granted, Iowa fan doesn't care about this thing. As long as they thump ISU in football and wrasslin', all is well.

It's still fun to win the unwinnable.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finding A Way

When your last 10 minutes is a collection of bad shots, missed free throws, ole' defense and butterfingers ball handling, the refs are not going to bail you out.

They tend to favor the team that plays like it knows what it is doing.

Just sayin'.



Greg certainly isn't mailing it in- good to see him get on the refs.

If Brackins never shoots another fadeaway jumper, it will still be too many. The dude can draw a foul on every shot attempt if he want to.

Show some stones.


Saturday, February 13, 2010


Beating the #11 team by 24 doesn't suck. Using 16 threes to do it was fun, too.

Good luck in Lincoln, ladies.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Now the target is Colorado.

Cyclone fans need to cross their fingers and toes on all of this realignment talk. We are one departure away from being the northern outpost of Conference USA or eastern end of the Mountain West.

It wouldn't end well for us, friends.