Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I'm a simple fan, and long time readers know that I have low expectations for ISU athletics. It's all about the dollars, and the smallest budget in a league can't be expected to challenge the big boys each and every year.

But here are my simple hopes for ISU football this fall:

1. Stop getting rolled. There were three games last year we all knew were essentially over at halftime, and at least the Utah game was entertaining for a quarter. Good programs don't multiple games by 20+, let alone 40+.

2. To achieve #1, the offense has to stop putting the defense in lousy situations. Make the other team earn their points by going 65+ yards each drive, not 40.

3. Somehow, some way, get a bowl bid. That will keep the program moving forward in everyone's eyes, and perceptions are reality.

4. Beat SUI. They are going to dump the ISU series the first chance they get- like when the Big Ten goes to a nine game conference schedule- so gets your licks in now while you can. It won't be around forever.

That's all. Now get busy.

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