Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So Adrian Clayborn, former Iowa DL, dissed Iowa State on Twitter:

@AJaClay That Pitt game should be a good one! All the others will be cake! I mean we are the only university in the state!

The snarky fan would ask if that was the same Clayborn who was seen on the sidelines gasping for air in the fourth quarter as his defense gave up two TD's in a loss to Northwestern, but we aren't that clever.

But part of me says, fine, he never lost to Iowa State, so why shouldn't he make fun of the Cyclones? It's not like he needed to play in the fourth quarter of those games, so congrats! He has scoreboard.

Snarky fan asks if it's the same scoreboard Northwestern has over Iowa.

The only way to earn the respect of opponents is to start beating people. Dumping Iowa would be a good start.

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