Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I probably can't add much to ISU's shocking win over Tech other than I'm still dazed by the WTF feeling of that night. It was all so unexpected.

We should all be thankful that Tech spent most of the first half trying to exploit something in ISU's run defense that wasn't there. Tech's offense never got on track until they went back to the pass-first offense they are all most comfortable with.

The stunning part of the win was that everything seemed to come together all at once. The offense clicked. The defense tackled and got stops when they needed them. Most of the crazy plays broke ISU's way.

(Trivia: the last time I saw an onside kick returned for a TD was in Ames in 1990. OU pulled the trick.)

Nothing sells tickets like winning. Hopefully the fellas can deliver the same kind of performance against the Utes.


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