Saturday, January 09, 2010


I watched the Minnesota game this afternoon, and a couple of things stuck out:

- If Austin can get any consistency to his passing game, he will be a devastating runner.
- Tackling, until the last Minney drive, was 100% better than previous years. Lots of solid open field stops, almost always by the first player to make contact. Why that disappeared late is a puzzle.

Cyclone Fanatic analyized the numbers from the year. The biggest one for me, and in the annual rant about it, it's hard to win when your points-per-game is 20+ spots below your yards-per-game. I don't care if you are rolling up 700 on the other team, if you can't muster more than 14 you are in for a tough year.

Likewise, the defense must be saluted for improving so much in the points category.


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