Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Body Of Work

Personally, I think the roadie to Lubbock is much more important than Saturday's visit by the Jayhawks.

Right now, Sagarin has ISU eighth in the B12 between Okie State and Tech. Beat Tech on the road, while they are in turmoil, and you move up a few notches. Lose to KU, and you really don't change. A loss to a Tech team that may be in the process of tanking may be the biggest anchor on your tourney resume come March.

If you don't beat KU at home, you still have a ranked KSU along with Mizzou, a$m and Okie State all making the trip to Ames for you to try to burnish your resume with.

Best case? Sweep CU and NU, win at Tech and OU, beat a$m, Mizzou and OSU at home, and somehow knock off KU or KSU to finish at 10-6. 8-8 with no "bad" B12 losses and I think we're in.

Beat everyone below in the standings and we'll be fine.


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