Friday, December 11, 2009


The win over the Goblas played out about as I hoped: SUI would show some spunk, and keep it close with the 3, but Iowa State's athleticism would win in the end.

I like what SUI does on offense, but then again I'm a fan of the drive-and-kick-for-3 style. Given their skill set, that's about all they can do. Their early success witht he high screen was nice basketball. Gatens is the only guy from their team I would want on mine.

My only disappointment is that the final margin wasn't bigger. While ISU was much better in the half court (against inferior opposition, but still) they didn't defend the drive or the 3 as well as I would have liked. ISU should have won by 30, but missed free throws and running the clock took the starch out of the offense.

I know its smart hoops, but when you have a chance to make a statement and blow someone out, blow them out.

But given Greg's struggles, a win is a win, efen if it wasn't as close as it appeared.


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