Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So the Big 1011 has cranked up expansion speculation again. Some thoughts.

A. It ain't Iowa State. No way, no how. Big picture, we bring nothing to the table. That's how it is. Deal with it.

B. I don't think the checks would be big enough to draw Texas or Mizzou or Nebraska or any other Big 12 team in. The checks would be big, but not big enough. Besides, aside from Texas, no other school increases the net eyeballs, which is all that matters. And Texas runs the B12, anyway, so why leave?

C. Not Notre Dame. See above, add NBC to the mix.

D. Just end this "School X doesn't match up academically" myth. Aside from Northwestern and Michigan, the Big 1011 is just a bunch of Public State Universities. Nothing to be ashamed of, but a long way from The Ivies. Look up the incoming ACT scores of Freshmen. No big thing.

E. It will be either Rutgers or UConn. Both play decent football now, but neither did in 2003, the last time we went around with this.


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