Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Random Thoughts on Season Eve

- The new ISU staff has a lot of leeway against NDSU. Defensive failures can be blamed on blown assignments rather than bad schemes. Offensive mistakes will be chalked up as opening night jitters, not part of the playbook that needs review. Nice luxury to have, if only for one week.

- It wouldn't surprise me is H1N1 plays a role in an ISU game this fall. It would only take a few key players sitting out to change the talent dynamic of a given game. Hopefully it works in ISU's favor- we're due a break like that.

- SUI shouldn't worry about losing their starting RB. They should worry about keeping Stanzi upright and healthy; there is a much bigger drop off at QB. Besides, I suspect their OL is stout enough that it won't matter who carries the ball, they'll get 1000 yeards without much effort.


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