Thursday, September 03, 2009


First off, we must celebrate this win, I-AA school or not. It has been way too long, dang it.

Second, I am pleased the offense converted when it got in the Red Zone. That alone would have won 3 more games last year.

Third, the defense needs to improve, but they did some good things when the Bison got in the Red Zone- a forced fumble and a hold for a field goal is nothing to sneeze at after '08.

Key stat- NDSU had 8 drives of 21 yards or less. Nice. The four NDSU drives of 25+: 2 TD, a FG and an INT. You limit teams to 3 scoring chances and you will win some games.

The radio guys were very complimentary about the Bison. Methinks they are better than 6-6 as some from up north are predicting.

Now a few extra days to prep for some team from out east. More on that later.

For now, another drink! Good job, boys!


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