Friday, May 15, 2009


The news of the passing of Wayman Tisdale is sad because Wayman was not only young- 44- but a genuinely decent man.

I met Tisdale while working on a video project for a jazz music website, back when web video was very cutting edge. Wayman was at the end of his NBA career and was ramping up his music career full-time. We did an interview in his modest but top-shelf home recording studio in his nice but not over-the-top home in the Phoenix suburbs.

I haven't seen the tape since '96, but I recall him being humble, gracious, friendly, and saying repeatedly that he was just having fun, whether on the basketball court or in the recording studio. He let us invade his home for far too long, and played along with whatever we asked. He didn't have to- and that was the point.

Follow the link above- it is a nice summary of his career.

So it goes.


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