Wednesday, May 06, 2009


The school of coaching hires says you alternate personalities with each new coach, and ISU has with the hiring of Kevin Jackson. KJ is the outgoing rah-rah type that Cael wasn't, and for a team that has the resume to win a NC next year, it may be what is needed to push ISU over the top.

In one of the articles I read there was a small crack into criticisms of the Cael regime. One of KJ's points of emphasis would be to introduce himself to every wrestling program int he state of Iowa. Translation: The impression among state coaches was that Cael favored out-of-state over in-state, and KJ should try to change that.

Gene had open disdain for local talent, assuming there were only one or two DI players per year, so why bother. We saw how that worked out.

Hopefully KJ can build enough relationships to slow the flow of wrestling talent to IC.

Jackson is also taking the right tone with the press. It would have been easy to throw down the gauntlet on day one, but he knows that the Brands boys don't need any firing up. They are overcranked as it is.


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