Sunday, February 22, 2009

Giving It Away

Both the basketball teams lost games they shouldn't have this weekend, both for the same reasons: they couldn't score when they needed it.

While the men losing at home is no surprise (if they are consistent at anything it is folding down the stretch) the women are a surprise. While KU can shoot well, they are in last place with only two wins before today. Trailing most of the way, the ladies missed all of the key shots late.

The ladies loss may be extremely costly. Due to tiebreakers, ISU was in solid position to earn a first-round bye for the B12 tourney, a huge advantage. Now, they will need to win out, especially in Lubbock, to avoid playing on Thursday and what would probably be a second round game against a fresh OU crew.

If ISU ends up playing on Thursday, the loss in Lawrence may be the reason.


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