Sunday, February 08, 2009


If the ISU athletic program is going to cement its status as the Worst Athletics in the Big 12, McDermott's crew is going to have to really buckle down and focus: there's a lot of basketball games to lose.

First off, losing at home to Colorado Tuesday is critical to the team's last place dreams. Losing any potential tiebreakers with the other team battling for last place is imperative.

Second, continue to be a one-trick-pony of offense. Give Brackins no reason to return by hardly matching his offensive totals each night. Nothing says "lousy" like a team with only one decent player.

Third, continue to rebound light Junior High Boys. Rebounds are the big, strong and determined, which is not you.

Fourth, continue to wilt under pressure. If you find yourself with the lead, fritter it away. Play as if you've never experienced on-ball pressure before. Dribbling off your collective foot is one of your strengths- keep it up.

Finally, remember your station in the league. No school in the XII spends less money on sports than ISU, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to get last-place results. This is what is expected of you, so focus and deliver.

The football team did its part- now its your turn.


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