Sunday, January 04, 2009

Thoughts From A Doubleheader

I attended both ends of the basketball doubleheader in Ames Saturday, and as both teams won, we had fun. Some thoughts:

- Nothing I stated a year ago has changed. Rough play makes WBB really hard to watch. Like in hockey, letting the goons do what they want takes the skill players out of the game, an drives fan from your now ugly sport. The Vandy game was hideous to watch.

- I have to dissagree with how BF handles Vandy's press down the stretch. They refused to attack and punish Vandy's agression, and it almost won the game for Vandy.

- The staff did a tremendous job shutting down Vandy's #2 scorer. I read the preview after the game, and was shocked that a player who looked like she had no offensive skills was actually one of their stars. She also sported an awful set of cornrows.

- If Vandy is ranked, ISU can be really, really good by March.

- I like what facilities has done with the various banners in the rafters of Hilton.

- The MBB team looked like they needed a blowout, and it was fun to watch them deliver.

- Hat tip to Hilton staff for letting those in the balcony come down to the good seats when it was obvious most of the paid tickets were iced in at home. I recall a similar situation during the Orr years when a huge blizzard kept 6,000 at home. Those who made it saw a great win over the Gophers. The balcony buyers make more noise per person.


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