Sunday, January 04, 2009

Offensive Plans

I think the hiring of Tom Herman as OC is a good one.

coached at Rice, he understands how to succeed despite having less
talent that the opponent. You also have to understand how to use the
talent you have, not assuming you've assembled a Fantasy College team,
or that the talent at, say, Texas is the same as whats inAmes and the problems are just in the schemes.

Honestly, as long as they look like they know what they are doing and aren't burning TOs on 2-4 at their own 40 because they couldn't get the play in, I'll be happy.

stat geeks will have to help me, but I have a hunch that if your
offense can average an additional 7 points per game, your defense will
automatically be 7 points better, too. The fewer 3-and-outs you have,
the fewer bad spots your defense is put in, and that sort of thing.

Now for the most important hire: DC. That's where long-term success for this program lies.


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