Sunday, December 11, 2011


It was delicious fun watching the Cyclones positively hammer the over-matched Hawkeyes (or GoBlas for you old- timers) in a game that was over well before halftime. For those of us who hadn't seen much of the season so far (thanks, Mediacom) we now understand what the fuss has been about. When these guys are on they can play.

The down side is that there is no team in the Big 12 as bad as Iowa- although Tech is close. That kind of effort will be needed every night to even approach .500. Something that approaches a point guard would help, too, as they Cyclones looked like lost children when Iowa broke out the half-court trap. Good teams don't give up 10+ points in the last 2:00 minutes.

But Friday gave us a peek at what could be- and that peek was damn fun.

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