Thursday, September 29, 2011


The optimistic side of me is really, really excited to witness in person Cyclone football turning the proverbial corner when they beat Texa$ again. After so many false starts over the years we are due to side at the Big Boys Table for a while.

But being the long-suffering Cyclone fan that I am, I keep looking for the other shoe to drop. I've lost count of the number of times we have walked into Trice expecting The Moment, only to have the opponent smack our Cyclones around like an eight-year-old with a pinata. We all have our list- I'll leave you for a moment to suffer at your personal memories.

This is the kind of game where I want one of two scenarios: Either Texas takes a big early lead and coasts to the victory, or ISU wins. Don't be the tease, giving us hope into the fourth quarter only to find a way to lose. 

If you take us for a ride into the second half, finish the deal. Every one of your disappointments takes a few months off of our lives. Give us a few successes to make it worth while, please.

But if you really want to sit at the Big Boys Table, you start to earn your chair Saturday.

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