Monday, January 10, 2011

The Chiz

What bothers me now about the Chiz administration was the subtle condensation he had for Iowa State.

It was if ISU's problem wasn't the 2.5 star talent, it was that they just hadn't been coached up properly. Every other coaching staff was a bunch of dorks, you see. He's Coach "Super Genius". He'll show us how its done.

Yelling "I will not coach down to you" was perhaps not the best technique for a guy with exactly zero head coaching wins at the time. Way to bond with your new charges.

The look on his face after the SUI win told the whole story- he couldn't believe he won a game at all, let alone against a decent team.

I'm still surprised that Chiz had no idea what to do with anything other than five star talent- that's the sign of bad coaching. The difference between his teams in Ames and his teams in Auburn couldn't be more stark.

So it goes.


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