Saturday, June 05, 2010

Seats- or Not

This will become moot once the B12 implodes and we find ourselves hosting Louisiana Tech instead of Texas Tech, but I would argue we expand the south bowl using Stand Up Tickets.

I attended a Bundesliga match back in the last century, and the cheapest tickets were behind the goals and everyone stood because there literally were no seats. The section was tiered with 6 to 8 inch steps, each step was a couple feet wide, and the front of each step had a waist-high railing to lean on. You could cram a bunch of people in there at very low cost, and, being cheap, it attracted a rowdy involved crowd.

It isn't that big of a leap from what the Jack already has in the SRO corners, but this would add some structure and order to what is current a rather free-for-all. It can become an football Cyclone Alley for adults.

Best of all, since you aren't dumping a lot of cash into it, if it doesn't work, no biggie.

Adding bodies to Game Day, even at discount, is a good thing.


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