Friday, May 07, 2010


Heard a discussion on sports radio Thursday that I agree with: BCS football will gel into 4 "Superconferences" of 16 teams each.

Each conference champ will go into a Super Playoff. One Big Winner.

The downside is that the BCS conferences have 65 teams. Then you start adding the other schools likely to be in the discussion- Notre Dame, BYU, TCU, Utah, maybe a Boise State or East Carolina- and some present BCS schools are going to be left without a chair when the music stops.

I suspect ISU will be one of those left standing.

At the same time, that could be a good thing. ISU has neither the financial nor emotional resources for Big Time Football in its present form, and would go 2-10 each year as a Super. A drop to UnSuper would stick emotionally, but we would find ourselves amongst a bunch of peers financially.

Assume the TV money would be token, so athletics would be dependent on ticket sales only. I like our chances in the money wars competing with Memphis and Colorado State instead of Nebraska and Texas.

There's an interesting league in ISU, KSU, Baylor and Tech mixed in with the UnSuper parts of Conference USA and the Mountain West. If the Mountain West can fund its own TV network now, the new expanded league would be TV worthy, too. The Supers would have only so many ads to sell.

The transition will be hard, but winning, even as a Mid-Major, will make up for it.


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