Friday, August 07, 2009

Root For and Against

To riff on this topic, the CFB teams I root for other than ISU:

Va Tech. I've been impressed with how Beamer built a program from nothing with a hard-nosed, lunch pail philosophy. Still too many programs downplay the difference good special teams can make. Serious academic school.

Washington State. Perennial underdog in-state and in-conference.

Arizona State. Great mascot and colors. Warm weather. Another little brother.

Okie State (seeing a trend?) will always play in a Sooner Shadow.

Wisconsin. Love the crowd enthusiasm and The Fifth Quarter. Takes their Marching Band seriously.


Texas- like the Yankees I get a laugh every time The Team With The Most Talent fails.

Notre Dame- I get a laugh every time the school with it's own TV network fails, which is often lately.

Florida State- can't stand the tomahawk chop song. Ugh.

Oregon- for crimes against football fashion.

Kansas- In my universe, a school can be good in either hoops or football, not both. Choose.


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