Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nutty Attendance

I guess I'm not a true fan as I've never attended a Sprig Game. Since I don't memorize the three deeps or look at grainy youTube video of offensive guards who are sophomores at Waving Grain High in west somewhere, I just don't get the value of a scrimmage other than it's kinda like football that counts.

Anyway, Hlas has a nice roundup of various Spring Football bits, including the attendance at various schools.

The snarky would note that more folks showed up for Auburn's spring scrimmage than often show up for games that count in Ames, but it's also fair to assume that a 5-19 start will be greeting by something other than the slight grumblings Gene might have heard in Ames, too. So it goes in the bigtime.

BTW- Hat tip to any DI school willing to schedule quality noncon opponents. If ISU had a revenue stream other than football I would be the first to applaud taking an "Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime" attitude to road games. Play a power on the road every year, and once you start beating a few you will know you have arrived as a program. That's how Bowden did it at FSU.


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