Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not A Fan? Hardly

There are two constants in Ron Maly's blog: Digs at Iowa State, especially football (written from a condescending "Football was invented in Iowa City" altitude), and claiming not to be a fan of SUI.

when you read a nugget
like this:

"I was more than excited when I packed up my ‘67 Chevy and headed to Iowa City in August of 1974 to be a Hawkeye football manager.

I started following Iowa football since 1963 when I was in fourth grade, and from that time on wanted to be a Hawkeye."

Hard to claim journalistic integrity after an upbringing like that. Considering how many game Ron watches for free from the pressbox as a kind of Lifetime Achievement Award, his "I was impartial towards ISU" shtick has all the validity of Barry Bonds' "Doesn't every one's shoe size jump four sizes in their 30's?" act.

The whole post wallows in classic "Valient Hawks Fight The Good Fight" dreck. Grab a stiff drink before wading in.


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